Alex Jing is a Richmond based designer and illustrator

5 Noxious Creatures that Roam the Earth:

Personal designs based off of the 5 principle poisons in Chinese culture: attachment, aversion, ignorance, pride, and jealousy. Lasercut acryllic.

RED: Exhibition

Exhibition poster and Instagram graphics 

Duly Magazine

Illustration and mock-up layout pages for the first issue of Duly Magazine, a publication by and for Asian diaspora.

Medium Tings x Karo Akpokiere

Promotional assets for wallpaper collaboration project between Brooklyn based gallery Medium Tings and artist Karo Akpokiere. 

Instagram slide-show post as preview to the wallpapers with the final slide showing a reveal. Going off of the idea of highlighting artist process and ideation, I used scrapbook and wheatpaste motifs and incorporated some of Akpokiere’s own linework and written text throughout.

Instagram reels highlighting textural details, manipulation of lines and the sentiment of boundless imagery and pattern.   

Photographed, staged, and edited interior mockup

Medium Tings Exhibition Posters

Promotional work for exhibition “My Hands Sing the Blues”

The Fundamentals of Typography

Textbook cover design prompt


UI design of a productivity app for the disorganized, anxious, and nostalgic Pokemon fan.
Concept from jeypawlik


UI for a navigation app for a distopian future.