The Art of Hungry Ghosts

Illustrations and visual development work for a personal project, Hungry Ghosts, a modern fantasy following the bodhisattva, Di Zheng, who has vowed to clear and dismantle the 10 hells. A story of redemption and forgiveness, Hungry Ghosts puts into question who gets the right to condemn in a system created by unjust gods and how the souls of the damned find redemption and restoration.

Current reincarnation of the bodhisattva who vowed not to complete their buddhahood until all the hells are cleared. They are the only human capable of traveling between all the  hells and the human realm.

The human form of the King of Hell, King Yama and the initial concept 



fanart for Diansakhu-Banton Perry’s intellectual property.


A study of Dean Cornwell’s “$2000 Reward.”